Are you the King of the Castle?

Architect Ivan Rijavec wanted to create something worlds apart from the gaudiesque type creations of his previous commercial projects. He instead created this remarkably clean cut lined, and understated loft that carries you effortlessly around its many levels of open  planned and secluded rooms, all of which harmoniously interact.

Ivan Rajavec stands as one of Australia’s most controversial and influential architects. This property soars high over five levels to a living space that is truly spectacular and unabashed. A simple ladder leading up through the top levels manhole takes you to the most awe inspiring 360 degree views. Turn slowly around and take in the panorama from another perspective: Melbourne Museum, the city skyline drawn with mirror and glass towers, the Pelaco sign with the Dandenongs beyond, the clock tower of Fitzroy Town Hall at eye level and the shingled turret of the Perseverance Hotel across the road . . .

The truly awesome vision stays with you . . .  You will never tire of the sunsets from this perch because every night the sunsets are different. Steeping back inside the space for a closer look all the rooms are defined with laminated plywood walls giving the place a Nordic swedish feel. Australian cypress floorboards (the knottiest boards are the most interesting) and many strategically placed windows to punctuate unusual angles of light and to encourage ventilation. Even on a hot dayt the building remains cool.

The look is simple restrained and raw.

Rijavec calls it his tiny skyscraper . . .

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